One day while driving on the motorway just outside Oslo, we were discussing what our company should be called. We had already started delivering several projects for customers. We didn’t have a name, or website, or business cards. We were only focussing on impressing our customers.

We ended up with a single letter.

Å has the web address
That’s how to describe this letter in English.
We didn’t think about web url’s or that it may be difficult to pronounce for non-Norwegian people.  The whole naming process actually only took about 10 minutes.
Å is still 100% owned by Geir Isene & Brendan Martin

We help boost performances for individuals and teams.
We utilize any tool or method to achieve excellent results for our clients.

We train teams, we structure organizations, help corporations build and realize strategies. We coach individuals, executives, artists and athletes.
And we do this in the most direct and honest way.

When you engage us, you engage measurable change.

We deliver the desired results.